Cherry on Top

di: Dragana Rankpvic

Paese: Emirati Arabi Uniti


2 cl Amarena Fabbri wild cherry syrup
1 cl Chocolate truth bitter
2 cl Half & Half cream
5 cl Remi Martin VSOP
1 White part of egg


Shake and strain. Take a shaker and put 1cl of chocolate bitter, white part of an egg and do dry shake for 1minut.After that put ice inside, 5cl Remi Martin VSOP, 2cl Half & Half cream and 2cl Amarena Fabbri Wild Cherry Syrup. Shake it again good and strain it to Martini Cup glass. Garnish consists of : 2 cherris from jar amarena fabbri and 3 leaves of fresh mint.

Lady Amarena - 2017
Cherry on Top