Onna Bugeisha

di: Dede Suryani Ashary

Paese: Dubai


2 pcs Amarena Fabbri Fruit
5 ml Amarena Mixybar Cherry
45 ml Bourbon Whiskey
5 ml Plum Sake
15 ml Yuzu Juice


Prepare the garnish which is caramelized brown sugar, put brown sugar on the top of half cutted orange, charred until it melting. Muddle 2 pcs of cherries, pour 5 ml Amarena Mixybar Cherry, 15 ml Yuzu Juice, 5 ml Plum Sake, 45 ml Bourbon Whiskey, fill up with high quality ice, hard shake, double strain and pour into chilled rock glass with big clear ice cube inside. Put the caramelize brown sugar as garnish with cherry on the top.

Lady Amarena - 2017
Onna Bugeisha