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Kosher (Star-K/Star-D)

The Hebrew term Kosher means “suitable” and is used to describe the set of dietary laws governing Jewish food. If you follow Kosher rules, with Fabbri products, you will be able to make any recipe you like safely, respecting Jewish traditions.

Vegan und „Vegane OK“ Produkte

Veganism is a philosophy of life, based on awareness and respect, a pathway towards becoming part of a world full of positive energy. If you too have chosen to respect animals and the environment, the Fabbri world has just the right products for you.

Halal Italien

Italian design is for everyone. Something to do with Italy’s tradition of hospitality. If you’re a Muslim consumer, you can find lots of halal-certified products from Fabbri. Halal means “permissible” and is synonymous with ethical. Fabbri takes care of people who need guarantees to protect their special dietary requirements, as in the Islamic tradition. Ingredients and production processes are monitored according to the Halal Italia certification body’s strict quality standards. Discover our halal-certified products in the downloadable list.


Lactose intolerance is now a rather widespread phenomenon, and it can be hard to find foodstuffs to meet the needs of sufferers. Fabbri 1905 is fully committed to the research and development of new products: discover our range of lactose-free products.


Sind Sie Gluten unverträglich? Treten Sie ein in die Welt von FABBRI und Sie werden viele glutenfreie Produkte finden, die einen ruhigen und sorgenfreien Lebensstil ermöglichen. Sie können jedes Rezept zubereiten, ohne Ihren Geschmack und Ihre Fantasie aufzugeben. Suchen Sie nach dem Label "Glutenfrei" und finden Sie in der Zertifizierungsliste heraus, welche Fabbri-Produkte für Zöliakie Betroffene geeignet sind.

Eine Auswahl unserer Produkte finden Sie auch in der Ausgabe 2016 des AIC Lebensmittelhandbuches: siehe