IV edition - 2012

Gianluca Chiodi


This installation by Gianluca Chiodi plays on the participation of the spectators who approach the work, to be totally seduced by it, moving in on the Fabbri vase like “voyeurs” peering through a keyhole. Indeed, the artist’s provocation lies precisely in having grasped the particular connection between the pleasures of life, highlighting the attitudes that provoke embraces, which create a universal gestural-linguistic form that is understood by every being. Following the thread of the worldwide sharing of emotions, like an exegetic apostille, the artist inserts the practice of memory, since the operation of observation unexpectedly reveals an image from another time: the “amarena cherry pitters” from the early 20th century return from the past forming a passage of contemporary art, exactly like Fabbri, who, even though it is a modern avant-garde firm, displays its roots that are well and proudly planted in history