Fabbri Art Award - 2016
Fabbri Art Award - 2016

One hundred years of a sweet Italian myth, with an all-female edition and a century of testimonies between art, taste and the history of costume, to celebrate the invention of Donna Rachele Fabbri and a model of life that continues to be in everyone's heart. 

26 feminine artists were called to interpret the story of Amarena Fabbri, and with it the story of good living, through works in all languages of art that could talk about art and food, a combination that evokes great suggestions.  

The award went to: Marisa Albanese with the sculptural work Combattente faentina; Donatella Spaziani with the work 1976, a visual story, layered with images, in which she was able to translate a personal story into a work of immediate poetic impact; and finally, Gea Casolaro with the shot Alchimia sostantivo femminile (Alchemy, female noun).  

Special mentions were awarded to: Maria Elisabetta Novello and Kobayashi Chizu

The other signatures of this fifth edition of the Fabbri Art Award are: Silvia Argiolas, Enrica Borghi, Silvia Camporesi, Iole Capasso, Anna Caruso, Francesca Ceccarelli, Tamara Ferioli, Alessandra Giovannoni, Ana Kapor, Kaori Miyayama, Isabella Molard, Giulia Palombino, Alice Pavesi, Luana Perilli, Nazzarena Poli Maramotti, Francesca Rao, Sylvie Romieu, Marina Sagona, Barbara Salvucci, Amandine Samyn, Gaia Scaramella.  


Donatella Spaziani Donatella Spaziani

1976 - Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2015

Gaia Scaramella Gaia Scaramella


Amandine Samyn Amandine Samyn

Buona prospettiva

Barbara Salvucci Barbara Salvucci


Marina Sagona Marina Sagona


Sylvie Romieu Sylvie Romieu

Le Tableau de Jo

Francesca Rao Francesca Rao

L’amore genera amore

Nazzarena Poli Maramotti Nazzarena Poli Maramotti


Luana Perilli Luana Perilli

Fabbri (de forte dulcedo)

Alice Pavesi Fiori Alice Pavesi Fiori

The Spectacle of Disappearing Girl

Giulia Palombino Giulia Palombino

L’Amarena in bocca

Maria Elisabetta Novello Maria Elisabetta Novello

Il dono

Isabella Molard Isabella Molard

Reflets et profondeur: coup d’oeil par la fenêtre d’aujourd’hui, au coeur des racines de Fabbri

Kaori Miyayama Kaori Miyayama

Ombra luminosa

Chizu Kobayashi Chizu Kobayashi

Dolce stil novo

Ana Kapor Ana Kapor

Storie intrecciate

Alessandra Giovannoni Alessandra Giovannoni

Strada con villa Fabbri

Tamara Ferioli Tamara Ferioli

Piccolo grande Amare…

Francesca Ceccarelli Francesca Ceccarelli

Osservatorio diorama

Gea Casolaro Gea Casolaro

Alchimia, sostantivo femminile - Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2015

Anna Caruso Anna Caruso

Il peso della delizia

Iole Capasso Iole Capasso


Silvia Camporesi Silvia Camporesi

Red Heart

Silvia Argiolas Silvia Argiolas

Amarena, una ragazza particolare

Enrica Borghi Enrica Borghi


Marisa Albanese Marisa Albanese

Combattente faentina - Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2012