VI edition - 2018

Fabbri Art Award - 2018

For its sixth edition, for the first time, the Fabbri Art Award specifically chose photography: a language, for our century, even more universal than the absolute language of art.  

19 masters of photography - Italian and international - have focused their lenses on Amarena Fabbri, the symbolic product of the Bolognese company. They were brought together by Nino Migliori, a photographer with a great tradition and an all-round artist, who has had a longstanding relationship with Fabbri.  

Here are their names: Angelo Anzalone, Linda Bertazza, Paola Binante, Massimiliano Camellini, Silvio Canini, Alessia De Montis, Vincenza De Nigris, Franco Fontana, Giovani Gastel, Piero Gemelli, Mataro da Vergato, Stefano Mazzali, Brigitte Niedermair, Joe Oppedisano, Pierpaolo Pagano, Gianni Pezzani, Stefano Scheda, Pio Tarantini, Rui Wu.  

The award went to: LAYERS-Fabbri by Alessia De Montis, for the captivating overlapping of technique and memory; the work Marena by Paola Binante, for the ability to approach an object of common use, to ancient elements, becoming natural companions and not antagonists; and finally, to Rui Wu with the work .TXT, for the intelligent choice to link the ancient motif of Chinese porcelain to calligraphic writing. 

Fabbri Art Award - 2018